Please read each statement carefully and indicate how much you agree or disagree. Please consider your responses honestly; there are no right or wrong answers. If you find some of the questions difficult, please give the answer that is true for you most of the time.

I feel ready to leave the military.

I am hopeful about my future outside the military.

I’m not supported by friends and/or family.

I’m angry about the way I have been treated during my service.

I’m happy to leave the military behind and focus on other things.

I have family members and/or friends who I can talk to when I need it.

I know I can adapt to the civilian way of life again.

It will be hard for me to move on from my military service.

I have a lot of regrets about my service.

I’m looking forward to enjoying the freedoms of civilian life.

I feel like a failure.

I have civilian friends.

I have thought carefully about, and planned my future out of the military.

The military broke me and is kicking me out.

Outside of the military, I have found people that I connect with through shared interests or beliefs.

Mental Readiness for Military Transition Scale (MT-Ready), Pre Discharge Version