Please read each statement carefully and indicate how much you agree or disagree. Please consider your responses honestly; there are no right or wrong answers. If you find some of the questions difficult, please give the answer that is true for you most of the time.

I know how to access professional support for my health.

Some of my military habits cause problems for me.

I am a flexible person and I don’t mind changing to suit others when required.

I’m angry about the way I was treated during my service.

Outside of the military, I have found people that I connect with through shared interests or beliefs.

Civilians are disrespectful and rude.

I don’t think society puts much value on military service and experience.

The military broke me and then kicked me out.

I would never seek help from a mental health professional.

Despite all my experience in the military, I am under-valued by civilians.

I have interests and hobbies that are enjoyable or meaningful.

I find it difficult to change once I have a set routine.

I would ask for help if I needed it.

Civilians seem to be concerned with trivial matters.

I am fulfilled.

I find it difficult to ask for help if I’m struggling.

I have a lot of regrets about my service.

I am more regimented than flexible.

I have things that give me a sense of achievement, outside of paid employment.

I have a sense of purpose.

I feel I don’t belong anywhere.

Military-Civilian Adjustment and Reintegration Measure (M-CARM), Post Discharge Version